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to overcome the disadvantages they faced. Of course, I realize this is a universal practice throughout the world and my goal is to strip down those signals and intentions to their bare minimum for the viewer to contemplate. My style greatly favors Picasso, but also has influences from powerful Jamaican artists Barrington Watson…Edna Manley, David Boxer and Eugene Hyde to name a few. I prefer the bold use of color, line and geometric shape to convey the emotion and power of my subject’s intentions and sometimes I explore individual features more intensely in abstracts. I emphasize elements of nature, including the commonly featured snake, to encourage the viewer to question whether the subject’s power is benign, natural or manipulative.
Dawn Gonsalves
Growing up in Jamaica, I was always drawn to creating images of women in various stages of life with a keen interest in capturing them in their most natural form. Later I was inspired during my formal university studies, by an ancient fertility sculpture I came across called the “Venus of Willendorf.” Discovered in Austria in 1908, it was dated around 240,000 B.C., and my study of it influenced how I viewed and represented women, their assets and what they have to offer I’m greatly interested in exploring the complexities of a woman’s power and intentions. Women make decisions every day about how they will use the natural advantages of their bodies, features and talents. I witnessed this in Jamaica where woman often used the appeal of their natural assets
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